Rome School

During the first year of the project and within the activities to be developed in WP2, there also is a PhD course focused on the Metasurfaces and Metatronics (MTX) concept.

Advanced engineered materials and surfaces (e.g. metamaterials and metasurfaces) are making a revolution in many scientific fields (electromagnetics, acoustics, mechanics, etc.) due to the anomalous interaction between electromagnetic/acoustic/mechanical waves and the inherent structure of the artificial materials and surfaces. Such anomalous interaction allows controlling and processing the field in a unique way, opening the door to the design of conceptually new and unprecedented components. In electromagnetics, the new degrees of freedom offered by artificial materials and surfaces allows overcoming some of the issues in silicon electronics, giving raise to a new electronics enabled by the electromagnetic field, extending the concept of MTX, as originally put forward by N. Engheta some years ago. Making material properties reconfigurable and dynamically controllable in space and time, in fact, would open a myriad of new applications and scientific explorations. The Course aims at presenting the recent advances in this new branch of electromagnetics, through the lectures given by eminent scientists and experts in the field.