Siena School

This course is part of the activity WP3 of the Project. The major part of the course (4 days over 5) is centered on issues relevant on WP3 (Surfacetronics) and the last day on issue more relevant WP2 (Metatronics). It has been considered important to anticipate some of the contents of the WP2 in this course. The teachers belong mainly to the NTX consortium, with three coming from outside the consortium. This course has been organized with the support of the European School of Antennas (ESoA), and of the Metamorphose Virtual Institute, that is part of NTX.(Website, Facebook)
Metasurfaces (MTS), a branch of the more general surfacetronics concept, constitute an emerging technology area that can be employed for realizing highly customizable devices that find EM application in antennas, metamaterials, plasmonics, microwaves. Metatronics (MTX) concerns with the generation of space-time varying, controllable, new materials (often nano-structured) exhibiting unusual EM macroscopic properties and functionalities. This course was intended to provide the necessary theoretical background and insight on
the new MTS technology and its MTX reconfigurability, contextualized with their relevant EM applications.