International Cooperation

Action 1. Coordination of and support to H2020 projects in the field on Nanoarchitectronics

The first action is to provide the necessary coordination with existing and future H2020 projects insisting on the six research areas of Nanoarchitectronics (Extreme Scale EM, Nanoscale Light-Microwaves Interaction, Metatronix, Smart Quantum Electromagnetic Materials, Multiscale Quantum Electrodynamics, System Architecture by Design). Contacts and mutual exchange of information with the coordinators and the consortia of such running projects have been established with the goal to set up a common language and a shared strategic view to make further impact on H2020 areas.

The interaction with these projects/institutions was facilited through the following actions:

  • Invitation to Workshops
  • Invitation to Conference Focused Sessions
  • Involving new partners in long-term initiatives (e.g. flagship initiative)

Action 2. Local government leveraging

Proper leveraging action of the expenditure of regional and national governments have been investigated coordinating the actions from the partnership, oriented at the benefit of the entire academic and industrial European community. The consortium participants have been shared the roadmap and strategy documents, generated in the “Strategy” activity, within their research bodies, up to their respective chairpersons. These have the real power to mobilize significant internal resource and to lobby with regional and national research policy makers in their respective countries for additional funding. These documents has been also shared with other interested research and development communities, in accordance with the confidentiality agreement stipulated among the partners.

Action 3. Coordination with Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and similar EU-level entities

Many partners already participated in existing PPPs and similar EU-level entities; an action plan has been prepared in such a way that these partners promoted the research fields of Nanoarchitectronics. The partners contributed to research agendas and road maps in preparation among external communities, thus ensuring that the developments in joint research activities and similar initiatives are known and taken into account in the targeted external consortia