This area concerns with the conception, analysis and realization of reconfigurable, sensorial, adaptive and cognitive “skins” for sensing and communications.




    • Phase variable SFX. (control and address space or surface/plasmonic waves)

      Phase gradient changing SFX by stretching or heating.

      Phase gradient changing by light-surface interaction

      Phase gradient changing Fluid based SFX

      Phase gradient changing SFX by Micro- or nano-mechanical actuations

      Huygens type SFX

      Dispersion SFX (for surface/plasmonic wave control)

      Transformation Optics SFX

      Subwavelength focusing lenses

      Non-reciprocal and time reversal lenses


    • Sensing/radiating SFX. Receive/transmit in free space

      Leaky-wave SFX

      RX distributed conformal surfaces

      Adaptable and stretchable receiving surfaces

      Variable radiating apertures

      Energy harvesting SFX