This research area concerns with NTX systems enabling or improving the performance of electromagnetic (EM) systems over the whole frequency spectrum through wave-matter interaction at sub-optical nanoscale level.



    • Concepts and devices borrowed from radiofreq to TeraHertz @ nanoscale


      Nanoantennas (single emitters and/or arrays),

      Novel tx lines & Nanoscale interconnects

      Extreme miniaturization of cavities and filters

      Single photon emitters and detectors

      Superconductor based electronics


    • New microwave/terahertz phenomena and devices activated by nano-scale EM/Optics Interactions


      Nanoscale light/matter interaction

      Sub-wavelength collective optical sources

      Ultra-flat scanning beam aperture antennas

      Reconfigurable metasurfaces

      Phased nanostructured apertures & RF Lenses