List of Deliverables

    image40.pngHere you can find the summary of each deliverable, if you want to access to the entire document please send an email to 


    D1.1 Report on EXEMI Concept

    D1.2 MDM and NAME for EXEMI

    D1.3 EXEMI PhD Course 

    D2.1 Report on MTX Concept

    D2.2 MDM and NAME for MTX 

    D2.3 MTX PhD Course 

    D3.1 Report SFX Concept

    D3.2 MDM and NAME for SFX

    D3.3 SFX PhD Course 

    D4.1 Position paper

    D5.1 Strategic Research Agenda and Roadmap

    D6.1 Report on Joint Common Database

    D7.1 Report on Virtual research Community 

    D7.2 Data Management Plan 

    D8.1 report on Dissemination and Communication activities

    D9.1 Survey of International Consortia and research communities 

    D10.1 Exploitation Plan 

    D11.1 Governing Board meeting organisation 

    D11.2 Reporting Period 1 deliverable 

    D11.3 Action check meeting 1 

    D11.4 Action check meeting 2 

    D11.5 reporting Period 2 deliverable 

    D11.6 Website and Project log