Nanoarchitectronics workshop at EuCAP 2018

European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (London, UK, April 2018)


1- S. Maci (UNISI) Introduction on Nanoarchitectronics
2- S. Tretyakov (Metamorphose-Aalto) Metasurface technology as a route towards artificial
intelligent skins
3- C. Tripon-Canseliet (ESPCI) Extreme Electromagnetic Interaction at Nanoscale
4- A. Monti (Methamorphose-Roma3) Optical metasurfaces based on spheroidal plasmonic
5- G. Vecchi Polito Surfacetronics
7- Round Table with J. Chazelas (Thales) Vardaxoglou-Jofre-Massa-Hao-Neto (30’)

Joint NTX – Foreseen Workshop 

London, Queen Mary University College, May 4, 2018

Industry Day at Thales and Research Technology
July 2, 2018, Palaiseau, Paris TRT building

The workshop was organized by TRT inside the framework of the “exploitation” (WP 10). The
workshop was on invitation only.


  • Share a common vision between industry, SME agencies and academics
  • Show that the low TRL results obtained in NTX CSA could be developed / transformed to  higher TRL results

Organization of the Workshop :

  • Open to Thales community, SMEs, Industrials; Merging 2 large networks SpinTronicFactory &FORESEEN
    4 sessions
    • Technological Platform: Fabrication and Characterization
    • Virtual Platform: Multi-scale modeling, solvers and tools, big data in cloud
    • Adding cognitive capabilities to the interface
    • Industrial Application

4 Round tables

Program of the workshop and speakers

  • Participation in the Workshop (July2nd, 2018 in TRT)
    – 103 registrations => 84 participants
  • 34 from institutions and universities
  • 53 participants from 15 big corporations represented
  • 7 coming from SMEs
    – 13 different countries represented
    – 38 different organizations

Special session at the Metamaterial Congress
Espoo, Finland, 29 August 2018

Speakers of the Special Session

• Nanoarchitectronics CSA project and relation with Flagship (S. Maci)
• Nanoarchitectronics: The New Paradigm of Airborne Systems (C. Tripon, J. Chazelas)
• Metamaterials in Time-domain (J. Pendry)
• Structured Light (N. Engheta)
• Metatronics Concept and its extension within the H2020 NTX project (F. Bilotti)
• Roundtable discussion with the Advisory Board

Introductory slides of the presentation by Prof. Nader Engheta and by Prof. J. Pendry special guest of the session in Espoo

European Optical Society Biennial Meeting (EOSAM)
Delft, Netherlands, October 2018

The NTX activity was presented in EOSAM by S. Maci in a special session organized by Prof.  Giampiero Gerini on H2020 ICT projects

NanoScience and Nanotechnology 2018 (n&n2018)
National laboratories of Frascati, 18-20 December 2018

A paper entitled “Nanoarchitectronics and the Nanoengineering Mission has been presented at the n&n conference in Frascati. The paper has been presented by Davide Mencarelli (UNIVPM)