This project, entitled “Nanoarchitectronics” (NTX), is a FET Open Coordination and Support Action financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement No. 737135). This project gathers thirteen universities, research centers and high-tech industries, belonging to eight European countries. The name Nanoarchitectronics comes from the merger of three key terms: “nano”, “architecture” and “electronics”. It is a new technology, based on nanoscale building blocks, for conceiving, designing and developing reconfigurable, adaptive and functional system interfaces for ICT applications. This is a new interdisciplinary scientific area that addresses the research and applications in the huge frequency spectrum at the crossroad of Electromagnetics, Metamaterial, Electronics and Photonics through the use of Nanotechnology and Wave-Matter interaction.
NTX research can have a direct impact on an extraordinarily wide range of new generation communication systems, information processing devices, environmental sensors and surveillance equipment, related to future applications in ICT. It responds to the need of unifying within the same technology, concepts, and methodologies, the ICT applications in Communications, Environment Sensing Systems, Safety and Security, and Imaging Nanosystems.